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Infinity Game

Infinity Game

Babycastles, New York City
Solo Exhibition collaborating with Vanessa Rosa and Veronica Natividade
Aug 3 - Aug 31, 2017
Interactive Mapping Installation

projection, madMapper, Processing, WebSockets, custom software

 2017, Babycastles, NY

2017, Babycastles, NY


Visual and numeric representations of infinity through the eyes of different cultures are the reference for an art exhibition that is also a game. Infinity Game is a game made by paintings, coding, video mapping and infinity boxes.


The visitors were invited into the quest of looking for hidden numbers across the exhibition site. Each number was capable of transforming our environment in an unique way. Whoever could find them all would win a prize, the academic research paper of patterns in different cultures.


The project is a collaboration between visual artist Vanessa Rosa, parametric architect Veronica Natividade and creative technologist Wenqi Li, and it was first shown in Babycastles, NYC, August 2017. It’s based on research on ethnomathematics, a culturally contextualized approach on technology.

In 2016, Veronica’s students created laser cut stencils with parametric design tools, stencils that were used to do a collective mural painting inspired in Yoruba traditional wall art. This work aimed to reclaim political recognition of a black activist group in Rio de Janeiro. 

The Infinity Game project takes such research much further by exploring in a visual form the crossings between cultures spread all over the world. Through the combination of cultural groups architecture and patterns, we create surrealistic interactive representations and we aim to speak about the universality of mathematical language. We propose a shared visual narrative and powerful reminder of how important the free and open exchange of cultural influence is to our collective identity.



Visual artist: Vanessa Rosa
Parametric architect: Veronica Natividade
Creative technologist: Wenqi Li

Exhibition and Publication

Babycastles Art Gallery - From Aug.3 to Aug.31, 2017
145 14th Street, between 6h and 7th avenue.

  NYC Street Art