Human Body Signals



Human body signals is a lovely app based on iPad for children to learn knowledge about health and medicine science. It makes the learning process full of joy and smile.

This is an individual project, I produced all the UX, UI and programmer parts.

In China, some small healthy signals, like fart or hiccup, are so embarrassed that children don’t want to talk about. In this app, 6 symptoms of human body, either awkward farts or normal tears, are showed in cartoon, using game-like interaction and diverse layout to create effective and happy learning experience.


The Role

User Research, UI / UX Designer and Developer

Partner: Shen Liu, 2D Character illustrator


The Research

5 children and 5 pairs of parents were interviewed to find out the habit of iPad using and their attitude toward this issue.


The Persona

To make the target audiences being understood better, I created persona based on user research. It helped me totally focus on main problem and test the usability.


The Storyboard

Understanding the existing scenarios was a key step of my design process. I tried out stories that could happen in real situations in real life.


The Wireframes

I created wireframes to assign functions to each screen and show the connections between screens.


The Page Flow

Key screens were designed to show the main page flow. Users would be guided to explore like this.


The Graphic Design

It is now still being developed. But the visual part is done and here are some of them.