Emoji Night

Emoji Night


Group Member: Regina Vetka, Yuqiao Qin, Jixuan Sun, Wenqi Li (Eric)

Toolkits: Design Research / SET rule / Adobe creative suite

Emoji night is joint effect by Regina, Yuqiao, Jixuan and myself on a user experience project at ITP NYU aimed at giving social engagement solution for seniors in information age. We have gone through three part of process: looking, understanding and making.   Bingo night is out, Go emoji night!


Part 1 Looking

  • Field research in Senior Planet

Senior Planet is a project of the nonprofit Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), for people 60 and up are devoted to harnessing the power of technology to change the way they age – with attitude.

At Senior Planet, we talked with the tutors working there, observed senior activity and talked with seniors to understand the lifestyle and troubles they have been experiencing in this information age.We also did field trip in a bookstore, at where some senior volunteers worked.

senior planet.jpeg
  •  Information gathering
  • Insight summary
  1. Hard to find like-minded friends.
  2. A lot of seniors are too shy to start conversation first.
  3.  Seniors prefer physical social engagement.
  4. Seniors need appropriate circumstance to express themselves.
  5. Seniors feel lonely in some degree.

Part 2 Understanding

  • Snapshot of typical user
  • Refining insights according to S-E-T principal
  • From insight to product opportunities

Product Opportunity 1: To make digital technology more older friendly within online service

  1. Digital interface too complex for seniors
  2. It is hard for seniors to handle overwhelming information
  3. Many seniors have no access to digital teach due to the old living habit

Product Opportunity 2: To make it easier to create a hobby group among older adults

  1. Seniors have the requirement on find mates
  2. Seniors have plenty of time to enjoy life after retirement
  3. Seniors are willing to develop a hobby which they desire from youth.

Product Opportunity 3: To create more physical active social opportunities

  1. Even seniors do online activities, it will lead to physical meeting in the end
  2. Seniors consider outdoor activity as a good thing for their health
  3. Seniors prefer to meet with old friends instead of making new friend


  • From product opportunities to design challenge

Part 3 Making

  • From design challenge to solution

The solution to the design challenge is a servers called Emoji Night. We made the Emoji T-shirt machine to let seniors create emoji T-shirt, then wear it to the "Emoji Night".

Emoji could talk itself --  Pick emojis which could on behalf of yourself. I like dancing, then I choose💃🏼. 
Emoji night is a social engagement, the process seniors teach each other to make emoji T-shirt also a social engagement.
  • User flow
  • Interface mockup

The Next step...

We did another field research in Senior Planet with our prototype and storyboard and got some exciting feedback:

  • Let seniors help each other instead of tutor

  • No need for extra a game

  • Do theme Emojis: Halloween, Christmas…

  • More creative freedom: colours, sizes, placement

  • Making of T-shirts itself is social event