Copy of Pop-up Virus Instrument

Browser Lab


Browser Lab, 2017

Toolkit: HTML / CSS / JavaScript ( THREE.js ) / Machine Learning

We like web pages and web applications, but we hate pop-up windows. They are like trash on the internet, we close them immediately once they show up.

Using pop-up windows as pixels to draw images is one project of my Browser LAB collection. In this project, I use image evolution approach to draw images pixel by pixel (one pop-up by one pop-up window). While drawing, a Markov Chain algorithm is running to play generative chords based on the placement and size of each pop-up window.

Generally speaking, it's a fake computer freezing experience, which will lead people to watch a 5 min live music and painting performance casted by annoying pop-up windows.

Web pages are like paintings, the browser window is the canvases and pigments of the paintings. The experience of the modern web browsing indeed is an user-centered and practical service design. But we focus more on the content made out of canvas and pigments, we might rarely notice the canvas and pigments themselves also have great stories to tell.

Browser lab is an experiment project that treats browser windows as the content of expression, the material of design and the storyteller of emotion, not only the canvas. In browser lab, instead of interacting with HTML elements within only one window, users build a connection with the browser windows themselves directly.

It's a playground to gain more knowledge about browser window through playing with its virtual physical attributes, like size, position, color, layout and sound.

 Testing the realtime capture and interactive music feature

Testing the realtime capture and interactive music feature

 Sampling color from the Girl With A Pearl Earring

Sampling color from the Girl With A Pearl Earring


Use pop-up windows to draw realtime capture with Markov Chain Algorithm, ITP Spring Show, 2017