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RWET - #7 :: The transections between friends

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Digital platform as a tool for storytelling is not a new story. Artist like using social platform to create a new persona and write an aspiring story. Modern family use facetime creates a successful episode. From the Alt doc class last year, the instructor showed us an interesting website called video, that's the first time I realize, people are doing strange things on Venmo, then I noticed that my friend started to write haiku on Venmo transactions descriptions a lot. I realize Venmo is a very potential platform to do a storytelling piece. It has the characters, who paid and who received, it has the reason, see the description of transactions, it has suspense, check the amount of money. It's a place full of gossip and information leaking.
So I decided to move my peer conversation to the platform, and generate a modern love story under the hood of money transactions.

1. Text/emoji on venmo has specific meaning
2. The relationship(or the "unknown third one") cause imagination
3. The frequency of transactions, timing of transactions give extra imformation
4. A secret but not that much secret conversations that are only known by the two in the transactions. But also kind of obvious to be seen by the others.