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Subtraction - Week 10: 4 axis mill skill builder

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TITLE: Spoon

DATE: April 8, 2017



This week I planned to make a spoon. 

One evening I was scrolling my Instagram without purpose, I found this interesting guy named Stian. He was such an interesting guy who make spoons daily. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.06.21 PM.png

Stian is very ITP,, I got his portfolio through google. 

The past year Stian spent most of his time exploring the unique organic qualities of wood and how adding of a function can beautifully refine a piece of wood.

A very good vibe.

Since I got a flat piece of oak, a spoon makes perfect use of the wood shape. Two curve surfaces also are also a good test for 4 axis mill.



Building a spoon 3D model was not hard, in Vectorworks I added a hemisphere and a long cube together and subtracted another hemisphere.



I booked 3 hours on 4 axis mill. CAM part was easy too. It took a little time to figure out that the red line stood for the X axis.

I set the spoon handle along the X axis first, then I realized I can save material if I set the handle along the Y axis.

The mistake I made was for the tabs. My spoon has a smooth face, I didn't want the tabs to be placed inside the spoon so I cut it short also downsized the thickness. I was thinking that I was going to use oak, it's hard wood, I have belief in it.

I wish I have this confidence in my life...

The other thing I noticed was that, it didn't matter when we added the tabs and it looked long and wasted material. The preview was the really cutting path.



The another mistake I made was that I didn't tight the tailstock enough, I use my hand to tight the screw and forgot we have the "L" shape wrenches. So the material moved during the machining, I stop the machine and restart it again.





Before jump to the next try, I feel like I need to spend some time to talk about my thoughts on my recent works.

I failed almost every time:
the maze, the emergency stop happened.
the joinery, the direction was not right.
the mushroom, it supposed to be a top.
the foosball player, it cracked and hurt my thumb.
the spoon, it cracked at the last minute, which made me overwhelming sorrow. The one last thing that breaks the breakthrough point and drives me crazy.

I didn't sleep at all on Saturday night and watched apple commercial advertisements the whole night(btw, the poetry one about iPad air is the best). 

It sounds a little ridiculous, but it's true. I kept thinking what prevented me from making good and creative projects.
I think the answer is the lack of patient, from the ideation to the finish.
The ideation of my most projects is not very deliberate. Usually, I come up with an idea and then go and get the material, forget to do deeper research like what kind of material is the best for this idea? how to deal with it? do I have enough tools to do that?
When it comes to making process, I always ignore to test it first and jump to make it straightly.

So this time, I spend the whole day work on this one small spoon, the second model was what I fixed on Saturday night, but on Sunday morning, I used Fusion 360 and made another more organic one.

 Model I

Model I

  Model II

 Model II

 Model III

Model III

This time, I maximize the tab size cut my spoon out very carefully. I finished the machining work at about 11 pm and kept sanding it on my way home.