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Subtraction - Week 6: Spindle Turning

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TITLE: Mushroom

DATE: Mar 10, 2017




When I was visiting Cooper Hewitt last month, I saw they were selling wood tops in the design shop. I was going to buy one until I saw the price 3.5$... I knew we gonna use lathe in the future, then I decided to make one instead of buying one.

Finally it's time to do spindle turning. Wood top, definitely is my first choice.

But during the process, something wrong happened. When I was turning the curve, the part was so thin that it bumped out before I finished. Since it was more like a free style spindle turning practice, at that time, when it broke into two piece, I changed my mind of sanding out the sharp part of a top.

Why? Because both of the two broken parts still have a base with fire wood patterns, keeping it will be cool!  At the end, I turned the "top" upside down, then sanded the top part smooth and made a wood mushroom.







Do we have smaller tool rest?

In my case, I do want to keep the rough shape part and only turn a small middle part. What if the middle part is so small that we can't fit a tool rest in? That means, a very long distance of our chisels are hanging in the air, which I think will make the chisels easy to get stuck and it's pretty dangerous.