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Interactive Music - Week 2: Score

Last semester, Ben, who is the instructor of the intro to fabrication, gave us some reading links about laser cutting. When I go through them, I found this talented guy, Koka Nikoladze. He made a series of beats boxes through laser. What catch my attention is the homepage of his website, which is an interactive music sketch with a lot of patches. When I hover on them, the patches start to make some sound. It's pretty fun.

 Screenshot of Nikoladze's homepage

Screenshot of Nikoladze's homepage

I got inspired by his patches idea. As I want to make circuits as my representation of music, I decided to make them into patches, looks more like a graphic design approach instead of those tiny parts.

I started with the schematic symbol of circuits and drew some patches with a black background. 


Then I imported them into sketch and connected them to make circuits. 
I made some examples of what it could be. 


Circuits are "short", I mean all parts get power right after they are connected to the power. I want to use the current flow to control the timing of sound play, so the flow speed will be the same as the setting of rhythm.

In my mind, it could be an infinite circuit schematic, keeping scrolling from right to left. All parts and the notes represented by them all play only once. Or It could be a static schematic, but parts in the closed circuits will loop play, and parts in open circuits only play once unless they are connected to both power and ground.

The mapping is below:

  • power -> brace
  • parallel connection -> bracket
  • current flow speed -> rhythm
  • switch -> pause or break? I may change this part
  • LED with color, brightness, and amout-> notes and the length
  • resistor -> modify the pitch