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Performative Avatar - Week 6: Unreal Engine 4 Sequencer

For this week, I change my plan of doing avatar body fireworks.

Part of the reason is that I want to try rigged avatar from Mixamo, and I'm feeling in love with the animation named Hit To The Legs... It's like our life, we hit to our leg and pretend to be nothing happened and cried by ourselves. 

I plan to do a slow motion of this pose, like matrix, rotating the camera, and stop the animation to do a bullet time.

But I didn't really find out how to stop the animation...


I use the sequencer tool to build the animation, there are some problems I came across with:

1. If I add more than one same animation to the same character, the animation get messed up.

2. When I add new shots, the camera position keep at the same position.

3. The rotation is always locked to 10 degrees each time.

4. Sometimes, adding keyframes doesn't work.

5. It keeps requiring me rebuilding the light even I just finish build it once.

6. The gravity doesn't really work when the animation is playing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.47.33 AM.png