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Homemade Hardware - Week 1: Breadboard ATtiny85

This week we use Arduino UNO as ISP to breadboard an ATtiny85


Test the photocell

Choose photocell as the sensor to control an LED, test it as with Arduino UNO



Wire the ATtiny85 as the pinout diagram


Get the Arduino set as ISP

Find the code example of Arduino ISP and upload it to Arduino UNO

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.24.55 PM.png


Install ATtiny Package, change the setting and burn the Bootloader

Highlight Here: Programmer: Arduino as ISP (not ArduinoISP)

the original programmer: AVRISP mkII


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.26.59 PM.png


Wire the ATtiny85 breadboard with photocell and LED

Design the schematic and use to make the diagram.

 the hand-drawn schematic

the hand-drawn schematic

 the circuit

the circuit

 wire the LED and photo to breadboard

wire the LED and photo to breadboard


Upload the code using "/Sketch/Uploading Using Programmer" 

This video shows how it works:

the working video of breadboard ATtiny85