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Rethinking Production Tools - Week 1: 10 ideas of tools

1. Screw things up

Application/Web application. Productivity tools, like GTD, reminder, calendar. But Screw things up only reminds you of the things and events which you forget or ruined. 


2. A MAX/MSP for Physical Computing


3. Project Publish Tool

Mac application. A tool that you upload the original file and generate all size and type of your digital works and publish it to all platform.


4. Github for Graphic Designer/Artist


5. Github for Musician


6. Documentation Tool

Like dragonFrame. It can connect your camera or phone, and external light(maybe) to your computer, edit and review it real-time.


7. JavaScript lib for Arduino


8. JavaScript math graphic lib


9. JavaScript email/instant msg lib


10. Javascript lib for Digital Fabrication/Fabrication

Generate original file for laser cutting/CNC/3D print