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Animation - Week 7: Unity Experimental Animation

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Week 2: Characters and Storyboard

Week 5: After Effect Animation



DATE: December 2016

INSTRUCTORS: Gabe Barcia-Colombo




After doing After Effect animation in a group, I gained a lot of ambition and tried to do the final assignment by myself. I decided to make it more personal and honest. That's why I choose a daily life scene as my scenario inspiration. 

Being in a foreign country and feeling the responsibility to be decent and gentle, I felt like I only showed the the energetic me in the school, but I did feel extreme tired when I was at home. Life outside was like instagram. It was your wonderful life but with filters. Life inside a house was pale and simple, I felt free to say I had a bad day, rolling on my rug or drinking.

HOME is a attempt to use Unity3D to create a scene of myself being home after a busy day. I built a game character, a treasure hunter, in Adobe Fuse, because I treated my life in New York as an adventure game to explore this big city and chase dreams. I used Mixamo to do animation where I found some very suitable animation files for my scene, like rolling on the rug and drunk backward movement.

I set the camera from the back view of my treasure hunter, which I thought would be a nice catch to express the depress mood at home. I also tried a different role control animation, when we input horizontal value the puppet I built would turn left or right instead of run left of right. The outcome is a little laggy, but I thought it worked.

Also, I had a very strange personal habit at home, using my head to hit the switch on the wall to turn on the light. I recreated this habit in my scene, I set 3 empty gameObjects on the wall as triggers, and each of them could play different audio files. When the puppet was controlled to hit the wall, background music would start to play. Of course, all the 3 songs are sad songs.