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Animation - Week 5: After Effect Animation

Previous animation assignments:

Week 1: Stop Motion Animation

Week 2: Characters and Storyboard


TITLE:  Weatherama

DATE: November 2016

INSTRUCTORS: Gabe Barcia-Colombo

COLLABORATORS:  Roi Levi + Utsav Chadha



We have a great time of making animation together! 

Since we already finished our storyboard last week, this week we developed it into a more executable one. We divided our missions, my part was to finished the infographic part to explain how weatherama works.

After we finished the animation part, we used zoom recorder to record our script. You can never find a quiet place on the floor. After searching the whole Tisch building, we found the restroom in the basement was perfect for recording, no echo, no people.

Come on, we are ITP kids, we would do anything to finish our works!

(I also made Chinese dishes for my teammates, lol)