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Physical Computing - Week 7 & 8: Midterm



My partner Jiyoung and I are inspired by the Cave, and dance dance revolution. We want to combine the interaction of DDR with the 3D visual effect to make a experimental game. The storyline behind it is to escape from the monster's belly.

The interaction is touching the dots that appear on the wall of belly to gain scores and escape from the monster's belly. The monster will react to each touch, showing its mood, like it or not. 

If the monster likes this touch, that means the player has touched the good dot, which will make a progress, moving forward and generating soft curves on the wall. Touching the bad dot will make a backward step and generate sharp curves and horrible sound effect. 

 Soft curve - The cave by gasta

Soft curve - The cave by gasta

 Sharp curve - The cave by gasta

Sharp curve - The cave by gasta









  1. After first few minutes, the reaction becomes laggy which we think is caused by the serial input part of our code. Is there any other method besides the hand shaking and call back to improve the performance of serial?
  2. We need some white fabric with more elasticity to create a more interesting projector screen, any good choice?
  3. Sometimes I just find it difficult to generate a idea and polish it, is there any strategies to do that?