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Fabrication - Week 4: Build an enclosure

TITLE: Radio Puppet

DATE: October 2016

INSTRUCTORS: Ben Light + Tom Igoe



Recently, A lot of TV serials return, one of which is called younger. It is about a divorced 40 years old woman pretends to be 26 and goes back to publication industry to work and support her family, which sounds like a very cliche Chick-flick TV show. The only reason I keep to watch it is that I like the name, YOUNGER. Just like all the ITP kids, we start again like the young,  though most of us have been worked for years and have no experience of what we are doing now. I feel like I am doing an experiment of my life.

In the TV show, the leading male character, who is falling in love with our fake 26 years old woman, explains why he has a strong feeling, “She is like an old soul in a young body”. That reminds me of why I feel so thrilled about ITP, because we are the young soul in an older body.

This radio is a metaphor of that young soul in an old body. I tried to make a vintage appearance but with some interactive events inside. The interactive part is here.

Luisa’s work contributed a lot to my inspiration.



I think a blue ball pen and a grid sketch notebook will make the drawing a little more professional. For my sketch, it is too late to call the ambulance.



  • Bamboo box: 6.99$,  bought from the container shop
  • Acrylic: mirror acrylic, glass acrylic and white acrylic, 12″ x 7″, 4.2$ for each one, bought from canal plastic center.
  • Window film: 12.99$, bought from Amazon, a super large pack, does anyone else need it?
  • Toggle switch: 3.46$, bought from Radio Shack
  • Knob: 3.46$, bought from Radio Shack
  • Neopixel strip: 16.98$, bought from Tinkersphere
  • Servo, LEDs, potentiometer, PIR sensors, microphone, I have these before
  • Tool Box: solder, wire stripper, plier, wood glue, glue gun, and double sided tape
  • !!!!! strong ties(corner brackets) are still on the way !!!!! So I used insulating tape to fix the control panel.





The final work looks great, and it creates infinite Neo lights and some reaction to my gestures, which keeps me company when I am doing my assignments alone. But it is far behind my original concept and I’ll take

But it is far behind my original concept and I’ll take the time to polish it to a mature work. I need to redesign the control panel, which is easily broken and already did. Next time, I prefer to use wood or make less cutting areas.

This week I found the perfect setting for laser cutting! S13, P100, 5000HZ, and two cutting will work for acrylic(almost the same as the data sheet).