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Fabrication - Week 2: Guides, jigs and repeatability

TITLE: Wooden Tripod * 5

DATE: September 2016





Buying materials is always expensive! This feeling made me want to create something useful when I was supposed to practice my fabrication skill because I didn’t want to waste money.

Also, I am taking Designing for the seniors in the information age, which also required us to record our discussions for documentation. I was so tired of finding supported items to hold my phone that it could record the whole discussion, that’s why I decided to make a tripod for iPhone. I’ve no idea how to do that, but I found an instruction on These guys are energetic about making things all by themselves. I admired them!



My drawing was still a disaster, but much better than last week, isn’t it? There were two iterations of design a tripod for iPhone.



Lumbers for the first pancake came from the junk basket. I bought rubber feet($2.10 for 4), screws($1.18 for 3! But I found another pack size of them, $1.8 for 10!) and wing nuts($1.18 for 3! or $1.8 for 6) from Home Depot in Newport, NJ. By the way, when I was out wondering in Home Depot, I fell in love with screwdrivers with magnetic bits! Definitely the wisdom of human beings!

When it came to the other 4 pieces of tripods, I bought lumber from Home Depot, because I found the junk lumbers were easy to split. But I bought pine wood, which is soft and still easy to split. Thanks to Ben, you told me the truth and I learnt my lesson.

Also, thanks to Renata and G-Funk, they told me how to use jigsaw and sanding drum.



Making the first pancake. God, I love this metaphor!!!

Please ignore the ugly hole.

Making the other first pancakes. Yes, I thought I screwed them all up.

I made a jig here to hold the triangle pieces and the sticks.



Well, thanks to my photography skill, they look better.

Photo By @Yun Choi, I think I forgot to take off the mask.

Here is the most important part. I recorded this video with the help of my first pancake!!!



Here are some takeaways.

When we talk about “whether it is better to build one piece all the way through before starting the next, or perform step one to all pieces, then step 2, then…”, I think the answers is, we definitely should build first one as a demo, to find out what we need to improve or should we do some redesigns of our product, moreover, it’s better to iterate until we settle down all the procedure and jigs. Then, it’s time to perform the step one to all pieces, then step two, then…

When it comes to my tripod, I still need to train my sanding/polishing skill, and the choice of materials do matter!