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Animation - Week 1: Stop Motion Animation

TITLE: Cordless Love

DATE: November 2016

INSTRUCTORS: Gabe Barcia-Colombo

COLLABORATORS: Dani Kim + Ariana Vassiopoulou



The first assignment is to create a stop motion animation with Dragonframe. Our inspiration came from the simple cords and outlets, which already have one ground plug hole and two pin plug holes and look like a real mouth and eyes.

At first, our story line is about a outlets family and a lonely power strip. We kept developing our storyline when we shot the animation, adding more characters and environment features. Finally, the story is about a lonely outlets looking for love. She experienced sadness, unwillingness, happiness and curiosity. At the end, she had to experienced breakup while we continued to focus on the other power strip, who also had unique experience of looking for love.